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7 Reasons Why IVR Makes Customer Service More Personal

Posted on: February 25th, 2018 by Daniel Burns

When you don’t do your research, you may miss out on the best tools technology has to offer. And that places you far behind your business competitors. Can you take such a risk?


So what do you think about IVR? More importantly, what do you know about it?


A reply often heard is ‘I don’t trust technology to deal with my customers’. And those who think this way are the ones who are missing out on getting ahead and impressing your clientele.


Why Don’t Businesses Trust IVR?
It’s a common misconception that technology is impersonal. But haven’t we become a more connected society thanks to social media platforms?


I probably know more about my family’s preferences and activities than ever before, simply by connecting with them online. That helps me stay relevant to their needs.


And it’s not much different with IVR (Interactive Voice Response). IVR can gather information through:

– Polling

– Monitoring incoming calls

– Measuring what type of information people ask for online


All this information is now at your fingertips to offer a more personal service.


Yes, it’s a technological setup. But it may serve your customers better than your staff can. Here’s how.


IVR—Your Ideal Customer Service Partner
It Saves Customers’ Time
You don’t call a business to have long talks. You want fast answers. And if you’re willing to answer a poll, you want as little time as possible wasted on it.


IVR handles all these functions more swiftly than people can. And because people value their own time, they’ll appreciate you not wasting theirs.


This is how you use technology to live up to human preferences. And that’s how people feel cared for.

It Saves Customers Effort
Statistics show it’s the number one thing that will turn an occasional customer into a loyal supporter: Minimizing effort.


And that’s exactly what IVR does. A well planned IVR menu quickly guides customers towards answers with minimal effort from their side. This makes each person feel cared for and that boosts public opinion of your company.

It Remembers Their Needs
When do you feel someone really listens to you? I’m often amazed when someone quotes something I said before. It’s not often people really take in what you say, right?


But an IVR system never forgets what anyone says.


Repeat callers can have the benefit of having their calls answered with:

– Their names mentioned

– References to their last call and whether they need the same information


Only 21% of employees note customers’ names. Now you can boost this statistic to always calling someone by name. That’s improved, personal service, even though it’s done by a machine.


It’s Intuitive
Those who know you will know what you love to eat and what you hate.


IVR tracks your customers’ preferences so you can provide them with exactly what they want on your IVR menus. If you had to gauge this on your own it would take hours of work. But an IVR system automatically collects data and provides you with statistics & information you can use.


Now build an intuitive system that provides the most asked for information first.


It Speaks Everyone’s Language
If you plan on expanding your business, you must prepare to serve a global community. The internet and eCommerce can put you in touch with other cultures, so you can’t think locally anymore. But how will you communicate with everyone?


Once again an IVR customer care system can come to your rescue. Answering calls in one of many languages can make all your customers feel comfortable doing business with you. This leads to trust and trust leads to increased sales.


So IVR benefits your customers, but also your bottom-line.


It Meets them Where They are
Most people spend between 90 and 180 minutes on their Smartphones every day. Your customers are no different.


Customers want easy answers and if your IVR system provides information via mobile phones, you’re using a medium people are comfortable with. They prefer this to:

– Writing lengthy emails

– Visiting your premises


Being personal is meeting someone on their home ground. And for today’s society, it’s on their phones.


It Trains Your Staff so They Get it Right too
78% of consumers rate competency as more important than a personalized approach. If your IVR system provides the right information, they’ll be more than happy to deal with it, even on a regular basis.


But here’s one better. Your IVR system—through tracking calls and doing polls—can gather information that can transform your entire customer care service:

– People’s preferences

– What information is asked the most so your staff can be prepared


Why not teach your staff the secrets the IVR system extracts? Now they’ll be as competent as the technology.


Tips to Make Your IVR System Even Better
Of course no system is perfect, right? Not even your IVR infrastructure.


Make a conscientious effort to audit your services regularly, and maybe add one of these improvements. Every bit of effort you put in to making your system even more customer friendly, will result in more sales and loyal customers.


Remember, this is not an expense. It’s an investment. So make sure your ROI is high:

– Never stop changing your menus to suit your customers. Their preferences, questions and needs will change over time. If your IVR system doesn’t track and implement changes, you’ll lose clients again.

– Stay away from complicated terminology. State questions and information in simple words anyone can understand.

– Regularly ask employees to use and test the IVR customer service. Your clients shouldn’t tell you about routing or menu problems; you should pick up on it yourself.

– Ensure your IVR system offers menu options that apply to all possible callers, so no one feels confused or restricted in options while on a call.

– Consider adding video to your options for interaction.


Yes, your customers will love speaking to you or your staff. But you’ll be surprised how many scenarios benefit from a proper IVR system. Consumers have long lists of requirements when dealing with service providers and this technology fulfils many wishes. Will you reconsider your customer service approach now?

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