Maximize productivity with personalized, automated calling

Voice Self-Service for your growing business needs

Employee Benefits Management and Enrollment IVR Solutions 

Streamline benefit enrollment and management to improve the employee experience and satisfaction

Take advantage of Nimblevox Blast’s simple, intuitive blast application or drag-and-drop graphical user interface and IVR engine to create custom campaigns and menus to streamline and automate the employee benefit delivery, enrollment, management and support resulting in improved employee experience and satisfaction. Automate employee communications.

Voice and SMS Blast Campaigns: Quickly and easily create personalized benefits related notifications and reminders.

State of the art IVR Deployment: Create custom IVR menus to improve employee service by streamlining employee benefit delivery, enrollment, management and support.

Employee satisfaction surveys: Send personalized surveys to track employee satisfaction and record feedback.


  • Automated inbound/outbound personalized messaging for enrolment notifications, reminders, and enrollment status checks improving employee satisfaction
  • Incoming and outgoing personalized surveys to track and monitor employee satisfaction and to proactively address issues
  • Speech processing support for consistent and professional notifications improving employer image