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Nimblevox Blast Build

Drag-and-drop interface for quick voice application set up — no coding or IVR experience required.

Custom IVR application development and set up is simplified with our Service Creation Tool, Nimblevox Blast Build. The Nimblevox Blast Build simple online interface enables users to design, build, modify and deploy voice applications fast — no IT programmers needed.

Building custom VoiceXML/CCXML applications traditionally takes weeks for IT programmers to develop. With Nimblevox Blast’s Build drag and drop features, all the coding is written for you, significantly reducing application development time. We have taken the complicated and made it simple, saving you time and money.

Nimblevox Blast Build Highlights

One of the fastest IVR Systems on the market today, Nimblevox Blast Engine can handle up to 200 CPS, and up to 1400 channel capacity, allowing customers to require fewer ports to power their custom application.

Maintains strong support for external system integration for customer’s current / future business modules, various signaling gateways, and value-add partners.

Drag and Drop
Quickly create customer applications for a faster time to market. Menus, Call Control, and Conference Applications are just a few clicks away.

With Nimblevox Blast you can:

  • Place a call
  • Send an SMS
  • Pull data from your hosted API
  • Pull in your custom VXML
  • Store custom data with your call detail records
  • Create conference calls
  • Play prompts – either recorded audio or text-to-speech (TTS comes in multiple voices and languages) – even play to TTY devices
  • Collect input with DTMF or automated speech recognition (multiple languages available)
  • Answering machine detection
  • Easily share your application with others
  • Create custom javascript to handle anything we forgot to include out-of-the-box
  • Capture verbal input with the build-in recording capabilities