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Interactive Voice Response with Nimblevox Blast Hosted IVR

There are so many benefits of using an Interactive Voice Response (IVR). For both inbound and outbound users, IVR allows you to create polls, surveys, set up payments, appointment reminders, and more. Using a simple and incredibly user-friendly keypress, customers are able to interact with the system. Nimblevox Blast will even set your system up for free. IVR will allow you to have a connection with your customers that is so much stronger than before.

Options for Auto-Attendant and Call Routing

When you create an auto-attendant, it will automatically transfer incoming calls to the appropriate person or department, which saves a great deal of time and money.

Comprehensive Data Collection

With IVR, you are able to gather comprehensive data, record phone calls, track your results, collect responses, analyze metrics, and export data.

Customize IVR Solutions to Meet Your Specific Needs

The developers at Nimblevox Blast will help you build your own app using our API to create solutions that are specific to your needs.

Phone Surveys

You can collect important information by managing data for your business or campaign by sending automated polls and surveys to your customers, voters, and employees

Additional Features of Interactive Voice Response

    • Advanced options for scheduling
    • Auto-attendant
    • Custom application creation with Nimblevox Blast Build
    • Call routing
    • Multi-question surveys
    • Virtual voice mail box
    • Easily set up “Do not call” list
    • Increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of your application with custom data that is stored along with your call details to establish the success of your efforts
    • Platform that will run your own VXML that you hosted
    • IVR support for both inbound and outbound calls
    • Inbound Surveys
    • Professional services team that will design an application for you
    • Sharing information from the IVR to your website
    • Text-to-speech that allows you to send important messages
    • Caller ID that can use your own number

IVR Management

Manage your custom voice applications — without IT.

Faster Implementation
Take your voice applications from inception to live deployment in days, not months. With the drag and drop tool, all the coding is written for you.

Multi-Application Management
Handle multiple applications under one account.

Real-Time Statistics
The Nimblevox Blast dashboard shows live call data and usage patterns with monthly totals.

Real-Time Reporting
Real-Time Call Detail Records (CDRs) capture the custom data you need to collect in every call. Download call data to a comma-delimited file and easily import into any database or reporting tool.

Multi-Channel Communication

Voice & Text messaging platforms for small businesses

One of the fastest IVR Systems on the market today, Nimblevox Blast Engine can handle up to 200 CPS, and up to 1400 channel capacity, allowing customers to require fewer ports to power their custom application.

Maintains strong support for external system integration for customer’s current / future business modules, various signaling gateways, and value-add partners.

Drag and Drop
Quickly create customer applications for a faster time to market. Menus, Call Control, and Conference Applications are just a few clicks away.