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Entertainment IVR Solutions 

Increase the scope of your company’s advertisement, maintain your customers’ interests with improved communications. Be cost-effective in your marketing strategies by directly observing consumer behaviors

Utilize state of the art Nimblevox Blast IVR technology to meet today’s tech-savvy consumer’s demands. Keep the consumers engaged via unique advertisement, marketing, and loyalty programs.

Use Nimblevox Blast Voice Broadcast and SMS Messaging to increase the efficiency of your entertainment marketing and to increase interactions between the media and the consumers. Quickly promote your events by contacting hundreds of people with easy steps, and take control of your advertisement messages and campaigns. Be in constant contact with your customers through inbound and outbound IVR. Take advantage of the available metrics from the Nimblevox Blast software to make your marketing strategies more efficient.

Voice/Text Broadcast: Quickly contact a large number of people in promoting your events through Nimblevox Blast Voice Broadcast /Text Messaging. Take direct control of the messages you want to send with Nimblevox Blast’s easy-to-use personalization feature.

Call Tracking: Quickly determine what marketing strategies work best with Nimblevox Blast Metrics. Utilize Nimblevox Blast’s built in tools to measure and understand the results of your advertising and marketing efforts. Observe consumer behavior by linking sales to certain events.

Custom Inbound IVR: Customize your inbound calling menus so that your potential customers can be directly transferred to the right operator, or easily purchase tickets to your events over the phone.

Custom Outbound IVR/Text Messaging: Send ticket confirmations, more event information, or event updates with Nimblevox’s Blast outbound IVR and Text Messaging. Maintain your customers’ interests by providing easy access to event information, updates, and reminders.


  • Extend the scope of the advertisement through Nimblevox Blast Voice Broadcast
  • Engage customers to your events through reminders and alerts
  • More effectively provide event information through better automated and personalized communication
  • Achieve better marketing strategies with Nimblevox Blast’s built in tools that measure and help you understand the results of your advertising and marketing efforts