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Collection IVR Solutions 

Speed up collection and past due notification process to increase collection of delinquent amounts

Use hosted Nimblevox blast platform to improve the collection process. Automate collections and past due notification process and increase your success rate. Use state of the art IVR platform to easily customize your notifications integrating with your existing infrastructure.

Take advantage of Nimblevox’s blast industry leading, intuitive, easy to use blast application or drag-and-drop graphical user interface and IVR engine to create custom applications and campaigns to streamline and improve collections. Automate calling, accepting credit card payments over the phone and transferring to a live agent for further interaction.

Use the Ringless Voicemail feature to leave your message directly into the recipient’s voicemail box without ringing the phone.

Payment alerts and reminders:  Quickly and easily create custom voice or text campaigns to proactively remind customers of upcoming payments and past due balances. Allow customers to pay bills with complete credit card processing over the phone or transfer them to a live agent.

  • Leave collection reminders without the phone ever ringing: Leave a message on someone’s voicemail without the phone ever ringing with Nimblevox blast Direct Messaging. Ringless voicemail collection reminders ensures a consistent message is delivered every time and eliminates frequent ringing.


  • Automated outbound messaging complete with state of the art speech processing and agentless payment processing resulting in increased debt recovery
  • Reduced debt collection costs through live agent time savings
  • Improved collection process efficiency
  • Consistent and professional notifications
  • Ringless voicemail support for depositing direct personalized messages without ringing the recipient’s phone