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Call Tracking with Nimblevox Blast Metrics

From our database, you are able to buy both local and toll free numbers that can be used on ads and track how effective your campaigns are. This will allow you to make better decisions based on your results and give you an understanding of what is working best for you. Call tracking service helps you market your business in an affordable and effective manner.

Purchase Different Phone Numbers

You can buy toll-free, local, and international numbers to establish your local or global presence

SMS Call Tracking

You can utilize a Call Tracking number to send out your text messages from a long code so you can reply with a text

Additional Call Tracking Features

  • Buy a few different DIDs (phone numbers) so you can determine which ads are most functional
  • Configurations of numbers to a specific designation, which will allow the agent to know through which channel the call came on
  • In-depth reporting from pulling your detailed call records
  • Low cost phone numbers
  • Receive both calls and texts to local numbers
  • Receive email notifications on calls that were successful
  • Record any calls that are inbound
  • Send texts from your DIDs with long code texts
  • Build your attendant with Cloud IVR, which will allow for callers to leave a message and their calls can be directed to the appropriate person
  • Immediate feedback with Nimblevox Blast dashboard
  • Customized data that will store your call details and enable you to understand the success of your efforts based on the metrics that are important to you