Maximize productivity with personalized, automated calling

Voice Self-Service for your growing business needs

Political and Nonprofit IVR Solutions

Cost-effectively reach out to more of your constituents and target audience in less time. Give them the one-on-one attention they need to let them know they matter

Make a difference in your community and campaigns by reaching out to your target audience individually through Nimblevox Blast solutions.

Whether running for an office or searching for donations for your nonprofit organization, reach out to your targeted audience in an innovative way using Nimblevox Blast solution. Give your audience the one-on-one attention they need and let them know that their individual support and votes matter. Create a more individualized and friendly experience, resulting in more success for your campaign.

Send custom text messages: Send thousands of text messages to a wide range of audience within seconds. Use SMS messaging for collecting donations, sending reminders, updates, announcements and alerts to increase participation.

Personalized voice broadcast notifications: Create customized messages to send to thousands of people instantly. Record a messages from a candidate, invite people to a town hall, or send reminders about polling locations on election day. Provide your audience with the individual attention they need without using a significant amount of staffing resources and time.

Ringless voicemail: Allow recipients to listen to your message at their convenience. Leave a voice message directly on recipient’s voicemail without the phone ever ringing.

Send automated polls and surveys: Collect important information by sending automated polls and surveys to find out which campaigns work the best. Pull detailed results on where people stand on specific issues, what they are planning to vote on or establish leading candidates with Nimblevox Blast metrics. Utilize analytic tools to better understand the results of your campaign efforts.

Hosted inbound IVR: Keep your audience engaged through Hosted IVR solutions. Target specific geographical regions to send outbound surveys, important updates, announcements, reminders, and information to your audience. Take advantage of the easy to navigate menus and keypress options to route incoming calls to appropriate staff/agents, helping the volunteers and staff to save time and work more efficiently. Create custom menus easily with easy-to-use Nimblevox Blast Build interface.


  • Give individualized attention to your constituents/audience
  • Save staff resources with automated calling
  • Send election reminders, announcements, notifications and alerts and increase constituent’s participation
  • Easily customize notifications and alerts with Nimblevox Blast’s simple interface