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Ringless Voicemail

Leave a message on someone’s voicemail without the phone ever ringing with Nimblevox Blast Direct Messaging.

This Ringless Voicemail feature is designed to work best with mobile phones. Some carrier-provided landline services will also allow for ringless delivery. Benefits include:

  • No interruptions for your customer/prospect
  • Allowing the recipients listen at their convenience
  • Leaving collection reminders without frequent ringing
  • Message that can be heard by several people
  • Ensuring a consistent message is delivered every time

Nimblevox Blast makes it easy to create broadcast calling campaigns with ringless voicemail by simply checking a menu item within Nimblevox Blast build. Additional features include:

  • Ability to define different prompts for answering machine and answered messages (for those numbers that won’t allow for ringless delivery).
  • A configurable ring time that ensures hang up before the phone rings and allows a subsequent retry in the event that ringless voicemail fails

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