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You can write your own applications with our simple drag-and-drop Build tool or you can import one of the applications below to help you get started. Here’s the 1-2-3.

Creating an Inbound Call Flow
  1. Login to the portal
  2. On the Numbers tab, acquire a number.  You can choose a local or a toll-free number.
  3. From the dashboard, open the Build tool.
  4. To create a quick Hello World application and deploy it to your number, please review our Hello World video.

Bonus: Watch this video and check out these instructions for building a sample application using LumenVox Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR).

Creating a service
  1. A service is an IVR flow invoked with an API call. This is used primarily for outbound calls for notifications and reminders.
  2. Remember, your API Key can be found on the dashboard.  You will need it to invoke the API to start your service.
  3. Review Create your first Service to get started. Or review our Voice Announcement video.
Sample Services

We have a few sample services you can use today.

  • Click-to-Dial – Click-to-Dial allows customers to integrate calling directly into your website.
  • Fast Lane – Take a user through your existing IVR to an operator. Once the operator accepts the call, the system will call the user back.
  • Voice Announcement – Call a contact and play a simple voice announcement.

You can review our User Documentation to learn about the other options in Build.