Maximize productivity with personalized, automated calling

Voice Self-Service for your growing business needs

Nimblevox Blast

Proactive Notifications That Build Brand Loyalty.

Whether you are looking to send out call or text message alerts, appointment or bill reminders, or automated marketing campaigns, Nimblevox Blast can get the job done.

Nimblevox Blast Outbound Messaging solution streamlines your business’s communications. With a simple user interface and real-time call reporting, you can quickly launch an outbound campaign and instantly measure results. The effectiveness enhances the customer retention.

Leveraging Nimblevox Blast Outbound Messaging tools in your business increases productivity and profitability by automating communications.

Setting up an outbound dialing campaign is as simple as:

  • Upload your phone numbers in (CSV)
  • Upload your prompt files
  • Clicking ‘run’ to start the campaign
  • View your campaign results

Product Features

  • Create on-demand, or pre-scheduled campaigns
  • Upload separate messages for live answers and answering machine messages
  • Set criteria for your campaign to stop once you reach your desired number of successful calls

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