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Click-to-Dial allows customers to integrate calling directly into your website. Track call traffic, monitor agent call volumes, tightly integrate into your CRM. This is an amazing option for distributed sales and customer service.

The Click-to-Dial API will dial the agent, when they answer or when they accept (you chose) we connect you to the customer


apiKey Required The apiKey associates the API call with your account.
serviceId Required 7
phone Required The customers phone number to dial when the agents accepts the call. The second number to connect.
agent Required The first number to connect.
announcement Required The message to play when the agent answers. Example: “Your customer is calling”
accept Optional The accept message. If not present the call will be placed after the announcement. Example: “To accept press 1.”

Example CURL Command
Copy the command and replace with your {apiKey}, the required params and, if desired, the optional param. For your testing convenience we have provided a test number for the phone and another one to simulate an agent.  For best results replace one of these numbers with a phone number to reach you.

curl -d "apiKey={apiKey}&serviceId=7&agent=7208803422&phone=7208803421&announcement=Hellol&accept=To Accept Press 1"

Example PHP Helper File

include "nimblevox.php";

$array = array (
    "apiKey"  = "{apiKey}",
    "serviceId"    = 7,
    "phone"        = "7208803421", // Your phone number
    "agent"        = "7208803422",
    "announcement" = "Hello",
    "accept"       = "To accept press 1");
echo json_encode(Nimblevox::startService($array));