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SMS Receive

When the caller sends a text message to your nimblevox Blast phone number, nimblevox Blast receives the message and sends the information to your url.

The SMS receive API is a callback initiated from nimblevox Blast to a URL you define in You define the URL by configuring the SMS Receive URL for the phone number.


URL: user defined


message Required The text message that was sent.
destination Required The phone number where message was sent to.
source Required The phone number where the message comes from.


2xx OK The message was received successfully

Any return other than a valid response will result in the message being queued and retried later.

Example PHP

$message = $_REQUEST["message"];
$destination = $_REQUEST["destination"];
$source = $_REQUEST["source"];
// Do your magic
echo "ok";

When the server receives this request it will check your number configuration.

  • If you have no url configured, it will send you an email with the SMS details and you will be charged.
  • If you have a url configured, it will forward the request to your url.

Example CURL Command

curl --request POST -d "messageId=1234" -d "source={a number}" -d "destination={your number} -d "message={Your message}" "{your url}"