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The serviceStart API is the primary API used to invoke your custom applications. Nimblevox Blast receives the request, starts a phone line, and passes your request data to your application.


apiKey Required The apiKey associates the API call with your account.
serviceId Required The ID assigned to your application.
<args> Optional Any additional parameters required by your application can be passed through as a argument. These are accessed via the application using the variable reference @=args.{name}@.  If sending in a phone number you would add phone=7208803421.  This variable is accessed using

Use this API key to start any nimblevox Blast build service. Execute this HTTP POST request to:[your key]&serviceId=[nimblevox build service ID generated when you deployed your project]

If you need to pass variables to your service, add them to the request string.
Example CURL Command

curl -v --request POST "[your key]&serviceId=[service ID associated with your nimblevox Blast build project]&[project variable name]=[project variable value]"