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SMS Send

The SMS send API allows you to send text messages using a HTTP POST request.


apiKey Required The apiKey associates the API call with your account.
destination Required The phone number to send the text message to.
source Required The phone number where the message comes from. This must be a number assigned to your account.
message Required The message to send. Limit of 160 characters.


200 OK The message was successfully sent.
400 Bad Request Source number [xxx] not recognized.
401 Unauthorized API was not authorized.

Example CURL Command
Copy the command and replace with your {apiKey} and the required params.

curl -d "apiKey={apiKey}&destination={phone-to-send-to}&source={phone-assigned-to-your-account}&message=Hello world, love"

Example PHP Helper File

include "nimblevox.php";

$array = array (
    "apiKey"  => "{apiKey}",
    "destination"  => "{phone-to-send-to}",
    "source"       => "{phone-assigned-to-your-account}", // Your phone number
    "message"      => "Hello world, love");
echo json_encode(SMS::send($array));