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Packaged Grammars

Nimblevox Blast gets you started with the basics of speech recognition by providing you with packaged grammars.  For example, it’s easy if people solely said either ‘yes’ or ‘no,’ but they don’t. ‘Yeah,’ ‘nope,’ and few others are also frequently heard. Nimblevox Blast helps you account for some of these variations with Nimblevox Blast Build by accessing our packaged grammars. These grammars can be easily customized to add any words or phrases that make sense for your IVR application:

  • Yes/No – includes yep, yeah, sure, correct, and nope
  • Dates – a number of variations. Examples include:
    • “march sixteenth nineteen seventy nine” = 19790316
    • “seven oh six two thousand four” = 20040706
  • Time – a number of variations. Examples include:
    • “six p m” = 0600p
    • “seventeen hundred” = 1700h
  • Phone Number – a number of variations. Examples include
    • “one eight hundred one two three eighty one hundred” = 8001238100
    • “six one nine five eighteen thirty eight sixty two” = 6195183862
  • Numbers and Decimals – a number of variations. Examples include
    • “three point one four one five nine two six” = 3.1415926
    • “twenty four thousand nine hundred and two point four” = 24902.4
    • “zero” and “oh” = zero.
  • Currency
    • Supports verbiage such as “12 dollars and 48 cents”, “12 dollars 48 cents” as well as just “12 48” All correlate to $12.48.

Custom Grammars

Nimblevox Blast also supports custom grammars. You can either dynamically reference custom grammars, or upload a custom grammar file, and then drag the file to the designated area within Nimblevox Blast Build to upload.