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Healthcare IVR Solutions

Effectively communicate with patients and deliver time-critical information without spending significant amount of resources and time

Be part of the innovation to keep up with the increasing expectations for patient care and services. Meet up to patient expectations by improving patient experience to create better outcomes while improving cost-efficiency. Send time-critical messages and information in almost real time and on time.

Stand apart from other medical practitioners with Nimblevox Blast’s innovative solutions that allow you to stay connected with your patients. Take direct control of patient communications with reliable IVR solution optimized to meet the needs of your patients.

Send reminders and notifications: Utilize Nimblevox Blast’s SMS messaging service to stay in contact with your patents. Easily upload your contact lists, schedule a specific time for your message to be sent, and send out messages automatically. Use SMS messaging for appointment reminders, payment notifications, medical billings, prescription medicine reminders, office hour changes, test result alerts, and more. SMS text messaging allows you to personalize a medical marketing strategy.

Voice Broadcast: Using Voice Broadcast, you are able to immediately send and schedule any medical appointment reminders that you have. Use Nimblevox Blast’s Voice Broadcast solution to schedule appointments and send out multiple patient appointment reminders instantly. Communicate efficiently with your patients and save time on multiple monotonous administrative duties.

Patient Surveys: Deploy automated patient surveys to capture critical feedback about services and overall satisfaction. View results and respond proactively with Nimblevox Blast metrics and analytic tools.

Hosted Inbound IVR: Improve your administration department’s productivity by better assisting incoming callers. Direct patients to specific department, schedule appointments, or get them transferred directly to their doctors/nurses. Interact with your patients while saving your staff’s time. Let Nimblevox Blast facilitate efficient interactions while enhancing patient satisfaction and relationships.


  • Send appointment reminders, office hour change announcements, medical billing reminders, prescription medication alerts and many more to stay connected to the patients and increase patient satisfaction
  • Easily customize notifications and alerts with Nimblevox Blast’s simple interface
  • Improve productivity within the office with Inbound IVR to direct incoming calls from patients to specific departments effectively