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Retrieve Numbers

The number API allows you to either retrieve a listing of all phone numbers or a single phone number assigned to your account.

Set header Accept (optional) = the expected response format

  • application/xml (default)
  • application/json


apiKey Required The apiKey associates the API call with your account.
number Optional If a phone number is included, only the information for that number is returned.


200 OK The message was successfully sent
404 Not Found Phone number [xxx] was not found
401 Unauthorized API was not authorized
406 Not Acceptable Supported response formats are json and xml
500 Internal Server Error

Example CURL Commands
Copy the command and replace with your {apiKey} and the optional {number} param, if retrieving a specific number.
Retrieve all numbers:

curl -H "Accept: application/xml" "{apiKey}"

Retrieve specific number:

curl -H "Accept: application/json" "{number}?apiKey={apiKey}"

Example XML Response

   <number id='7778884440' href='api/number/7778884440'>
     <projectName>Project X</projectName>

Example JSON Response

{"numbers":[{"id":7778884440, "href":"api/number/7778884440", "numberType":"TOLL_FREE", "smsEnabled":null, "smsUrl":null,"projectName":"My Great Project"}]}

Response Field Definitions

Element Name Description
id The assigned number.
href The location of the number Resource.
numberType The type of number: LOCAL, TOLL_FREE or SIP.
smsEnabled Whether or not SMS is enabled for the number: true or false.
smsUrl The URL to receive the SMS at for the number, if configured.
projectName The name of the nimblevox Blast build project assigned to the number, if configured.