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Have You Made One of These 5 Objections to IVR?

Posted on: March 25th, 2018 by Daniel Burns

When a business owner like you searches for ways to improve your company, IVR is probably one aspect you’ve stumbled upon.


But IVR seems like such a drastic step. The logistics of installation alone are enough to put the notion off for another day far from now. And the costs simply don’t justify the value of having an IVR system, do they?


I’ve heard multiple objections to getting IVR, and like a broken record I always answer them each the same way respectively. Are some of these objections the reasons why you haven’t considered IVR yet?


Customers Prefer Speaking to a Person Over a Machine

Business owners want to give their customers as much of a personalized experience as possible. They therefore use the objection that IVR will replace that ‘human touch’ they’ve worked so hard at developing.



Customers actually find dealing with technology a lot quicker and more efficient. A study showed that 78% of customers prefer competency over speaking to a real person. The world is changing, and people are becoming more and more comfortable with technology.


With efficiency as a plus, companies who implement modern day IVR into their companies are more likely to increase customer satisfaction. Not only are you leaving them in the most competent hands possible, but you’re also resolving their queries faster.


IVR Systems Cost Too Much

The implementation and installation of an IVR system takes a fair amount of time—and it isn’t cheap. I have heard this objection the most, and it’s usually from business owners who are careful with their expenses.


This is good. But sometimes we miss out on excellent opportunities because we’re too afraid to take the risk. So the question is, does IVR pay for itself?



IVR systems increase productivity, increase customers and handle queries on their own. Many companies are doing away with conventional call centres and switching to automated systems where customers are helped more efficiently.


Why? Because they understand that if they drive customer efficiency, they get more customers and make more profits. In today’s market, there are too many business owners who don’t think they need IVR to compete in today’s market. The truth is, they do.


My Company is Too Small to Need a Full IVR System

I once worked for a small family business. The extent of their phoneline was one phone answered by a receptionist. A year after I started, they introduced an IVR system. There were only 7 people working there, but it made a world of difference to our productivity. Customers were helped quicker and the 7 of us were in constant communication with each other at all times. There was a great flow.


Business owners seem to believe that IVR systems are for large corporate companies and public service entities. After all, how many calls do you really get at your company? Does this number warrant an IVR system?



All good IVR systems are fully customizable, and you only pay for what you use. This includes equipment, installation costs and the amount of features you want to access. So smaller companies can afford to implement IVR because it will improve their productivity without costing much to implement.


People Only Call in to Check on Their Orders

If you don’t get many calls related to customer queries at your company, perhaps you feel that an IVR system would be redundant. Perhaps the only people who call you during the day are those checking on their orders.


Guess what? Customers hate doing that!



Today’s customer is growing more and more accustomed to convenience. They don’t want to chase companies for their orders. They want access to their information so that they can check for themselves.


What does this have to do with IVR? Imagine an automated system that immediately recognized your customers and gave them their order information—leaving you and your workers to get some work done.


People Can Help Customers Quicker than IVR

It seems logical to us that speaking (and reasoning) with a person is quicker and more efficient than dealing with an options menu. And we can be so hesitant to let go of an old system that we know (think) works best.


But what if you base this decision on an assumption? What if a fear of the new keeps you from trying one of the most effective systems available?


Customer service agents may also waste time on irrelevant chatting, or take too long to answer a call. With an IVR system, you circumvent many of these problems.



Firstly an IVR system answers immediately and it’s directly connected to your data. How much quicker can an employee be than a computer that instantly provides updated records? You know how many times you’ve called a company where the customer care agent comments on waiting for the system to update.


And let’s not get started on the chaos when human error draws out the process even further. That’s how you waste your customers’ time.


Why not let the customers communicate with the system directly?


And then there’s the way an IVR system can help you place the most sought after information within easy reach of customers.


The data compiled by an IVR poll or during calls, tell you what customers call about the most. Now you can place those options at the top of the menu so your customers find common information quickly.


And since technology has evolved to where customers can speak menu selections and requests instead of pressing buttons, it won’t be much different than speaking to an agent. Only faster.


Can you see the value you—and your customers—are missing out on?


Looking at what these systems can do and how successful they’ve been at it so far; do you feel that IVR offers an immense amount of value for companies? Even smaller businesses can benefit from automating their customer processes—and those that do are in for exponential growth in the years to come.


Be a forward-thinking business owner. Investigate the benefits of IVR for yourself and see how it can transform your company.

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