IVR Systems, SMS, APIs

Hosted IVR
Build your own IVR applications using our service creation environment.  You can build surveys, auto-attendants, order processing applications and more. 

  • Significantly reduce application development time, applications are created, modified, and deployed quickly in order to keep pace with a growing and demanding market-place.

Blast was designed as an easy to use outdial campaign solution. With Blast, any business or enterprise can quickly set up successful outbound calling campaigns using the web based interface. No coding or IVR experience is required!

The Nimblevox Engine enables you to develop cutting edge communications applications. The Nimblevox Engine is cloud ready and can be hosted in our cloud or your cloud. Sign up for a free trial!

Send SMS using the API.  Receive inbound SMS messages via email, or with the API.  Create instant polling applications, survey applications, notify for important events, and thousands more we haven’t even thought of.

The out of the box APIs are services that have been developed using the Nimblevox Build service creation tool. We have started with a collection of services that can be quickly added to your environment.