Send SMS using the API.  Receive inbound SMS messages via email, or with the API.  Create instant polling applications, survey applications, notify for important events, and thousands more we haven’t even thought of.

Send and receive SMS messages for:

Loyal customer opt-in SMS marketing

  • Easy opt-in for your customers
  • Increase customer traffic with SMS promotions
  • Create loyalty SMS promotions


Instant polling applications

  • Interactive remote polling via SMS
  • Audience choice awards
  • Elections
  • Market research
  • Results can be displayed graphically in real-time




  • Instant feedback via text message.
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • Single choice, multiple choice, and open ended questions supported



SMS Alerts

  • Easy opt-in / opt-out service
  • Event and school cancellations, inclement weather, news alerts, and much more!