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Ringless Voicemail Cuts Through Clutter

Posted on: November 20th, 2015 by Nimblevox

According to research, the average number of business emails sent and received each day per person now exceeds 120! Who hasn’t hit the delete button to clear emails without reading any part of them? Another alternative for permission-based outreach is now available; Ringless Voicemail.

Ringless voicemail starts by delivering an automated outbound call to your customers and prospects that have given you permission to call them. The kicker here is that they actually never really receive a call in the standard sense. A voicemail is delivered without the phone ever ringing.
Benefits include:

• Avoid ringing telephone interruptions
• The called party listens to the message when it is convenient for them
• A tendency for people to listen to their voicemails and call back when they are ready
• More than one person may hear the message
• No additional charges to the called party

Ringless Voicemail can be a new addition to a marketing mix. Typically, email and maybe SMS messaging is used to proactively promote engagement and encourage loyalty. Ringless Voicemail combines the unobtrusive control maintained by your customer/ prospect with personalized audio that can stand apart from the same basic messaging being used by your competitors.

Proactive outreach via the voice channel is not as challenging you might think. Cloud solutions for outbound dialing make reaching your customers easier than ever before. It is critical to endure compliance with all regulations. Once that’s done, you can take advantage of a cloud platform to dial your customers with alerts, offers and other detail that your customers will see value.

Ringless Voicemail adds a new twist to proactive outreach, providing flexibility and control for your customers, as well as efficiency and effectiveness for you.

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