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Hosted IVR

Quickly Create, Develop, and Deploy IVR Apps

Nimblevox Hosted IVR along with our web-based service creation tool allows any business or organization to leverage interactive voice response technology at an affordable price. What can Hosted IVR do for your Business?

Application examples

Route Calls with an Auto Attendant
Route callers to the appropriate party or extension without the need of a live operator or calling agent. Nimblevox includes DTMF as well as Automatic Speech Recognition for callers to navigate the Auto Attendant solution.

Process Orders and Payments
Nimblevox Hosted IVR can process orders and payments without live operator intervention using IVR technology and speech recognition. Using a Hosted IVR automates the ordering and payment process by:

  • Collecting caller information
  • Checking product/invoice information
  • Processing the purchase/payment via credit card

Survey Customers
Gain customer insight and feedback with Hosted IVR surveys. With Nimblevox Hosted IVR, surveys are interactive, and can use voice or DTMF to gather responses.

Product Features

Ease of Implementation
IVR application creation and set up is simplified with our Service Creation Tool. With the drag and drop tool, all the code is written for you, significantly reducing application development time. Deploy your applications at the touch of a button to the available phone number of your choice.

Advanced IVR Technology
Nimblevox Hosted IVR comes standard with Text to Speech, Automatic Speech Recognition, DTMF Recognition, and Answering Machine Detection.

Real-Time Statistics and Reporting
The Nimblevox dashboard shows live call data and usage patterns over the last two weeks with monthly totals.
Real-Time call detail records capture the custom data you need to collect with every call. Download call data to a comma-delimited file and easily import into any database or reporting tool.

Service Usage3
Signup No Charge
Hosting No Charge during trial
$99 minimum for production
Inbound Minutes $0.03
Outbound minutes $0.03
SMS $0.02 / Message
Local DID Numbers $3.00 / Month
Toll Free Numbers $5.00 / Month
Premium Answering Machine Detection $0.004 / Minute
Premium Text-to-Speech $0.015 / Minute
Premium Speech Recognition $0.02
Premium Speech Services Package including AMD/TTS/ASR $0.035
Number Porting $20 / Number