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The Cloud Alternative for Orphan IVRs

Posted on: December 1st, 2015 by Nimblevox

When was the last time you called your IVR? That’s a question that generates concern for more people than it should. One of the reasons is that voice self-service in many organizations does not always fall under the purview of the IT organization. An all too frequent scenario is that someone in the organization took it upon themselves to automate calls, especially in the area of call routing. Once deployed, that person moves onto something else.

As time passes it becomes apparent that an IVR that might have worked well in the past is simply not doing the job. The person that knew SOMETHING about it is long gone. Nobody wants to deal with it.

The availability of Cloud IVR solutions today can make “orphan” IVRs far less of a daunting task to tackle. With a cloud solution you don’t have to worry about dealing with obsolete hardware, ancient applications or telephony challenges. All the key components such as voice recognition software, telephony bandwidth to scale up or down and the application are hosted. All you need is an IP link to get started!

Facilitating an upgrade for your customers are graphical tools that make it easy to create a voice application. Service Creation tools with drag and drop application building blocks mean that you no longer have to live with a customer facing interface that your customers can’t stand.

Now is the time to review your options for moving your IVR to the cloud. Make the break from a legacy IVR solution and move to the cloud for a better customer experience that also delivers cost savings.

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