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Fast Lane

Fast Lane is a service for companies who want to give customers easier access to portions of their IVR or Call Center via a selection from a web page. The Fast Lane API easily integrates into your existing infrastructure allowing you to provide a better user experience, decrease customer hold time, and reduce overall communications costs.

When the API is invoked we dial the phone number and any digits (e.g. press 2 for technical support). We play a message notifying the agent of the caller, and ask them to accept the call. When the agent presses 1 the system calls back the customer saving the customer valuable hold time.


apiKey Required The apiKey associates the API call with your account.
id Required 8
phone Required The customers phone number to dial when the agents accepts the call.
agent Required Your companies phone number.
digits Optional If you use an existing IVR this is what will guide the customer to the appropriate agent. To pause an entry use “,”.

Example CURL Command
Copy the command and replace with your {apiKey}, the required params and, if desired, the optional param. For your testing convenience we have provided a test number for the phone and another one to simulate an agent. For best results replace one of these numbers with a phone number to reach you.

curl -d "apiKey={apiKey}&serviceId=8&phone=7208803421&agent=7208803422&digits=0"

Example PHP Helper File

include "nimblevox.php";
$array = array (
    "apiKey" => "{apiKey}",
    "serviceId" => 8,
    "phone" => "7208803421",
    "agent" => "7208803422",
    "digits" => "0");
echo json_encode(Nimblevox::startService($array));